Mulch Installation


Infante Service of Tampa Florida offers both mulch installation and mulch delivery services. Please contact our office for details.

Below you will find the types of mulch available for installation at your home or place of business. Mulch installation includes bed preparation as well as installation of mulch in all existing mulch beds (unless specified). Bed Preparation consists of the removal of all weeds prior to installation. Bed Edging is also available at an additional cost.

Mulching landscape beds is a great way to add uniformity to your landscape. Mulch is usually replenished annually with a 1-1.5 inch fresh layer. While a base of 1-3 inches is desirable, thick layers and mulch piled high against trunks and plantings can be detrimental and should be avoided. Mulch also helps prevent weeds, holds moisture, and in most cases, adds organic matter to the soil.

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